You Deserve to Feel a Million Dollars!

Join over 70,000 people – and counting, find a new lease of life

Discover an Optimal Lifestyle

  • Find more energy

  • Lose Weight

  • Decrease Cholesterol

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Control Diabetes

  • Reduce the risk of Cancer

  • Reduce the risk of Heart Disease

  • Reduce the risk of Heart Disease

  • Discover Tasty Healthy Food

What are Others Saying?

“Deciding to participate in the chip program has been one of the best decisions of my life.  I feel energised and given a new lease of life.  I’m loving the daily changes I see on my body as I’ve finally started loosing weight and guess what I never feel hungry.  Its like I’ve got this huge secret thing happening within me.”  — Glynnis

“In just over 4 weeks I am no longer constantly tired, sufferings sugar cravings or coffeeMy BP & BSL have both significantly improved & losing weight too.  I am ecstatic with the improvements & can not imagine living life without my CHIP Journey to improved health so would recommend it to everyone”  — Cheryl

“Although weight loss is not a primary reason for CHIP, I have lost both weight and inches from my belly, and feel better for the increased fitness levels. Also, my feet used to be almost constantly sore – now they hardly ever cause me problems!”  — Greg

“CHIP online is ideal for me as I can do it from the comfort of my home and at the time that suits me. I learned a lot of new things and the exercise is getting “addictive” (a good thing I guess). I have lost some weight and my cholesterol is lower. When I last saw my doctor, she said: “Whatever you’re doing, keep on doing it; it’s helping.”   — Maria

Discover Beautiful Cuisine that is Best for You

Participants Can Achieve these Results

Decrease BMI by more than 3%
Decrease cholesterol by 20%
Decrease triglycerides by 44%
Decrease fasting plasma glucose by 20%
Decrease metabolic syndrome by more than 10%

If I Sign Up, What Do I Get?

  • 2 Comprehensive Health Risk Assessments (valued at $200)

  • Access to all CHIP videos used in the live facilitated courses (valued at $1,800)

  • Structured, at-home curriculum to make steady, sustainable changes that you can apply long term

  • Online “Check Your Retention” Quizzes to reinforce important concepts and provide accountability

  • Access to a private CHIP Online study support group with our expert staff who are committed to YOUR success and satisfaction  (valued at $180)

  • 1 x LearnMore textbook (valued at $49)

  • 1 x LiveMore workbook (valued at $49)

  • 1x EatMore cookbook (valued at $49)

  • 1 x Pedometer (valued at $25)

  • 1 x Travel water bottle( valued at $5)

  • Total Value = $2,357

  • Access to whole plant food recipes that are simple, tasty and good.

  • Permission (and encouragement) to watch the videos WITH your spouse, household, or care partner during the program.

  • Access to a growing library of videos that show you how to prepare specific types of whole plant food recipes.

  • Guides for mixing and matching food types to create an unending variety of healthy … and tasty … whole plant-based dishes.

Our Guarantee

If you sign up for the CHIP program and … for whatever reason …  you are unable to start, you may defer attendance and join the next scheduled CHIP program (or one that suits your availability).  Or if you change your mind before the program starts, we will refund you 100% minus the cost of the kit if it has already been sent to you.  No questions asked.

What does the research say about CHIP


Event Date Time
Class 1 – The Rise and Rise of Chronic Disease Wednesday, August 08 9:00pm
Class 2 – Lifestyle is the Best Medicine Wednesday, August 15 9:00pm
Class 3 – The Common Denominator of Chronic Disease Sunday, August 19 9:00pm
Class 4 – Optimal Lifestyle Wednesday, August 22 9:00pm
Class 5 – Eat More, Weigh Less Sunday, August 26 9:00pm
Class 6 – Fiber, Your New Best Friend Wednesday, August 29 9:00pm
Class 7 – Disarming Diabetes Sunday, September 02 9:00pm
Class 8 – The Heart of the Matter—Heart Healthy Wednesday, September 05 9:00pm
Class 9 – Controlling Blood Pressure and Discovering Protein Sunday, September 09 9:00pm
Class 10 – Bone Health Essentials Wednesday, September 12 9:00pm
Class 11 – Cancer Prevention Sunday, September 16 9:00pm
Class 12 – Become What You Believe and Your DNA is Not Your Destiny Wednesday, September 19 9:00pm
Class 13 – Practicing Forgiveness Sunday, September 23 9:00pm
Class 14 – Re-engineering Your Environment Sunday, September 23 9:00pm
Class 15 – Stress-relieving Strategies Sunday, September 30 9:00pm
Class 16 – Fix How You Feel Sunday, October 07 9:00pm
Class 17 – From Surviving to Thriving Sunday, October 14 9:00pm
Class 18 – Understanding Your Results and Taking Action Sunday, October 28 9:00pm
Graduation – Commencement Ceremony Sunday, November 04 9:00pm

Program Features

Weekly online discussion/support group

Participant Kit (Learn More, Live More, Eat More, Drink More, Walk More)

2 Online Health Risk Assessments

Trained Facilitator

All the benefits of a community CHIP but from the comfort of your home

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